Zombified: Your Source for Fresh Brains

Athena Aktipis and Dave Lundberg-Kenrick talk with a delightful mix of thinkers sharing their delicious brains on all topics having to do with zombification and what it means for who we are. A production of Zombified Media and Arizona State University.

About the show

Is something taking over your brain? Zombified is a podcast about how we are vulnerable to being hijacked by things that are not us. From microbes hijacking behavior, to humans influencing each other, to our brains being taken over by social media, we talk about why zombification happens, why we are susceptible to it, and what we can do about it. Hosted by Dr. Athena Aktipis, a Psychology Professor at Arizona State University and the founder of the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance, and co-hosted by zombie enthusiast Dave Lundberg-Kenrick, “Zombified” takes a radically interdisciplinary approach to the science of zombification. If you enjoy fresh brains, this podcast is for you!

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  • The puppypocalypse: Clive Wynne

    June 4th, 2019  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 9 mins
    attachment, dogs, evolution, love, parenting

    Have you been zombified by your dog? This episode we chat with dog expert Clive Wynne about how our dogs hijack us - sometimes for our own good. We'll learn about how to prepare for the Puppocalypse and what do if you're already zombified by how fucking cute your dog is.